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Published by The Midnight Press
Featuring Author & Cabby/Photojounalist, Don Wells



After survivng a robbery at gunpoint in his cab one night, taxi driver sets out to find out what he had done right to keep on walking and talking! Interviews with a psychiatrist, a criminoligist, a drug dealer, and fellow cabbies construct a crisis behavior script on how to survive a robbery as it is actually happening! He maintains his own book saved his life when he was robbed at gunpoint a second time in his cab years later.

What the Critics Say

"Anatomy of a Robbery is an informative and authoritative book that could save your life. It contains practical, down-to-earth advice and is immensely readable. I recommend it."

Arthur L. Foster, Ph. D.
Director, Phoenix Psychological Institute
Los Gatos, CA

" The literature on criminology woefully lacking, passive and unimaginative. I find your work valuable and refreshing and I hope you continue your unique interviews and analyses. Enclosed is a check for 50 copies"

Dr. G. Thomas Gitchoff, Criminologist
Criminal Justice Administration Program
San Diego State University

"I think if more people learned the rules you have set forth in your booklet that we would have far fewer injuries and fatalities among victims of strongarm attacks"

David Alexander, Lawyer
Palo Alto, CA

"This is a very practical book, not only for a taxi driver, but also anyone living in a modern, urban enviroment."

Jim Lang, Driver #17
Palo Alto, CA

"This booklet should be a must reading for women's groups."

Mary Caldwell, SanFrancisco