8.5"x5.5" - 20 pages Illustrated

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Published by The Midnight Press
Featuring Author & Cabby/Photojounalist, Don Wells


Angry at the world for a "whole bunch of things" cabdriver sets out to finds out what this thing called anger relly is! Some say he plows new ground in interview with a psycologist!

What the Critics Say

"Very good job of work you did. Perceptive, fluid and to the point. Prefer your writing to the interview. Your first part should be reprinted and read widely."

Dr. S.P.R. Charter, Author of recent book, OUTRAGE, and recent reprinting of the classic, MAN ON EARTH

"The interviews were interesting but unexceptional, I preferred your own reflections."

Os Guinness, Author of VIOLENCE, A Study of Contemporary Attitudes
Oxford, England

"I wish everyone confronted by violence would do something constuctive about it as you have done. Have you considered submitting it to TIME for use in their essay department? In all I think you deserve kudos, and I send mine, along with my check."

Ruth Reynolds
Menlo Park

"....in regards to your request that we give a critique of your "ANGER" booklet-- we're sorry but your request is not something that us as a newsmagazine are able to do for our readers, much as we would like to do. All the best from the editors."

Pam Browne, for the editors
TIME Magazine