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8.5"x5.5" - 243 pages
Lay Flat Bindery
Published by The Midnight Press
Featuring Author & Cabby/Photojounalist, Don Wells

Don Wells, author, writes letters directly to a French Jesuit Priest,Teilhard de Chardin S.J., even though Teilhard died in 1955. Wells says he was unable to find a priest that would discuss Teilhard's works, "no doubt because of a ban on his books", Wells says. His photographs are a visual interpretation of some of Teilhard's concepts with chapters on: Nature/Mysticism, The Noosphere, Work, Suffering, and Zest for Living.

Don Wells is a taxicab driver/photojournalist, writer, self-publisher, and a former Navy pilot. He holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri and an Associate's degree in Photographic Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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